Control Panel

Auto Main Failure Panels, also known as AMF panels, are used to automatically changeover from mains electricity supply to stand-by generator or gen set on failure of the mains supply. When the mains supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the gen set. The stand-by generator will be eventually shut down after a short cooling down period.

We manufacture and supply AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Panel as per the specific requirements of the clients. These panels are used for controlling power supply in various industries like processing plants, hospitals etc. On the request of the clients, we customized these panels (both automatic and manual modes) to meet client-specific requirements.

This kind of mechanism reduces the time generally taken to manually switch in or out of DG sets.  It can even ensure constant flow of process in case of a power failure or fluctuation.

Salient features:

  • Mechanically or electrically interlocked pole contactors or MCCBs
  • Equipped with a manual over-ride control
  • Can be relay operated or PLC operated and elective features like auto start, auto changeover, no break change over, etc. are also available