HT Panel

We manufacture and supply 11KV HT Metering Cubicles Panels where metering is done in 3 phase 4 wire system employing 3 current transformers and 3 voltage transformers. The panel contains the equipments and components complete with bus bar interconnections, control wiring, designation labels, caution notices, Electricity Board sealing and pad locking facilities wherever required. Required space is provided for entry of H. T. cable from the bottom through detachable gland plates. Bus bars are epoxy encapsulated. Canopy will be provided for outdoor type metering cubicles.


  • Metering Cubical with Load Break Switch 630A, 26.3KA / VCB / RMU with Current sensor operated over current & Earth Fault Relay
  • HT HRC fuses of suitable rating (Access to the HT Fuse chamber is possible only after switching OFF the LBS)

  • The Instrumental Current Transformer (Resin cast) CL:0.5 Confirms to IS:2705. The Insulation Level is 15/35/95kV 
  • The Potential Transformer (Resin cast) CL:0.5 Confirms to IS:3156. The Insulation Level is 15/35/95kV 
  • The Electronic Trivector Meter CL: 0.5 
  • Test Terminal Block 3Ph. 3 Wire Front Connection 
  • Sealing Facility Provided as per EB norms