LT Panel

  • Type: AMR Compatible Static, 3Ph,4Wire 240V (LTCT), 3 Ph,3 Wire(11KV) and 3 Ph, 4 Wire (33KV),CT/PT operated TriVector Energy Meter for Bulk Consumers
  • Frequency: 50 Hz ± 5%
  • Accuracy Class: 0.5S
  • Voltage Rating: Suitable for operation from 240V Ph-N, 240 V LT CT (3P, 4W) 11KV/110V, Ph-Ph (3P,3W) 33KV/√3 /110V/√3, Ph-N (3P, 4W)
  • Voltage Variation: (-) 30% to (+) 20%
  • Basic Current (Ib) & Current Rating: Ib- 5A, Ratio : 200/5 A for LT CT(3P, 4W) Ib- 5A, Ratio : 50/5A for CT/PT operated (3P,3W) Ib- 5A & 1A, Ratio: 100/5 A and 100/1A for (3P, 4W)
  • Maximum Continuous Current: As per IS14697:1999(2004)
  • Starting Current: 0.1% of Ib at UPF
  • Power Consumption: The active and apparent power consumption, in each voltage circuit, at reference voltage, reference temperature and reference frequency shall not exceed 1. 5 W and 8 VA. The apparent power taken by each current circuit, at basic current, reference frequency and reference temperature shall not exceed 1.0 VA.

  • Power Factor: 0 Lag – Unity – 0 Lead 4
  • Design: Meter shall be designed with application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or micro controller; shall have no moving part; electronic components shall be assembled on printed circuit board using surface mounting technology; factory calibration using high accuracy (0.05 class) software based test bench. Assembly of electronic components shall be as per ANSI /IPCA-610 standard.