LT Panel

Soft starter Working conditions

Load type

Three-phase HV/MV asynchronous squirrel-cage motor, synchronous motor

Voltage range

6KV and 10KV

Rated frequency

50Hz ± 2Hz

General power range

6.0KV 150KW-12000KW 10KV 200KW-20000KW

Control power

220VAC, supplied by cabinet PT or on spot small bus

Cooling method

Natural cooling

Environment requirements

Ambient temperature: -15-50

Relative humidity: 5%-95%

Altitude: at most 2,000m

Locations without metal chips, conductive dusts, corrosive gas and violent vibration

Soft starter Parameters setting

Start mode

Voltage ramp start

Constant current start

Kick-up start

Start period

(1-120) s, adjustable

Start current

(1.0 -5.0) Ie, adjustable

Initial voltage

(30-100) % Ue, adjustable

Kick-up impulse period

(1-5) s, adjustable

Shutdown mode

Direct shutdown/soft shutdown

Soft shutdown period

(1-120) s, adjustable

Soft starter Protective functions

Underload protection

Setting range: (1-99) % Ie

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Overload protection

Setting range: (100-400) % Ie (effective when bypass is running)

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Undervoltage protection

Setting range: (1-99) % Ue

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Overvoltage protection

Setting range: (100-180) % Ue

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Open-phase protection

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Phase-sequence protection

Actuation time: 0 s

Start-up over-frequency protection

Setting range: startup or shutdown (1-99) times or non protection per hour

Actuation time: 0 s

Three-phase current unbalanced protection

Setting range: (1-100) %

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Bypass Abnormality Protection after startup

Actuation time: 2 s

Thyristor fault protection

Actuation time: 0 s

Locked rotor protection

Setting range: (400-800) % Ie

Actuation time: 0 s

Communication interface

Communication interface


Communication protocol (optional)

Modbus RTU, Profibus DP

Operation interface

User-friendly man-machine interface

7-inch colored touch screen display

Display content in touch screen

Display whether system working voltage value and curve, working current value and curve, communication and working status are normal

Memory function

Historic fault record

Record most recent five fault messages, including fault type and system working state when fault occurs