LT Panel

  1. The LDB shall be constructed out of 1.6 mm thick sheet steel.
  2. The LDB shall be preferably wall mounting, indoor type with proper gaskets at doors and joints to ensure dust and vermin-proof enclosures.
  3. The top and bottom of the DB shall have removable glad plates for conduit entries. In case, the DB are to have an incoming feeder of switch fuse unit then this feeder shall be in a separate compartment, with proper barriers between incoming and outgoing feeders. For easy spread of cables adapter boxes on DB should be provided.
  4. The phase busbars shall be of 100 Amps minimum, preferably tinned copper. The neutral busbar shall be of tinned copper with adequate number of punching type screw terminals. Adequate space shall be provided at the top and bottom to facilitate easy termination of incoming and outgoing cables.
  5. The earthing terminals shall be provided.