LT Panel

We offer Customized i6 Series Industrial UPS also tailored to your needs along with standard products.

Our three phase i6 Series Industrial UPS is specifically designed to provide secure power to Mission Critical Loads in Core and Non Core Industries as well as for Critical Data Processing Applications.

We serve entire gamut of Industries along with Commercial Establishments like Power, Oil & Gas, Steel & Metal, Cement, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Chemical, Automotive, Plastic, Packaging, Aluminium, Water, FMCG, Hospital, Airports, Infrastructure Projects, IT, Medical Lab, Minerals, Mining, Paper, Printing, Railway, Sugar, Telecom, Engineering and other Light Industries. We also cater typical applications like Supporting Machine and Motor Loads and other 3 phase loads (fans, compressors etc.) that need Clean and Uninterrupted Power.

Three phase i6 series Industrial UPS has been designed to perform under extreme operating conditions that normally exist in industrial environments. The use of digital signal processors (DSP) has made the control loop of the UPS system very stable, drift free and with better HMI for monitoring, control and precise settings of parameters. High speed CAN bus interfaced sections make the system response very fast to handle the extreme transient load conditions. Intelligent power device with sandwich bus architecture makes the systems highly efficient and reliable.