HT Panel

  • VCB Panel - Outdoor / Indoor
  • VCB Panel – Out door & Indoor type is made out of 14/16 SWG CRCA Steel, suitable for operation on 11kV, AC earthed system.
  • The Panel contains the equipments and components complete with bus bar interconnections, control wiring, designation labels, caution notices, EB sealing and pad locking facilities wherever required. Necessary space is provided for entry of H. T. cables from the bottom through detachable gland plates.


  • Available in both Indoor & Outdoor type.
  • Designed as per IP standards.
  • Excellent Breaking Performance.
  • System components confirming to IS & IEC standards.
  • Metal Clad, No direct access to live parts.
  • Suitable space for cable termination.
  • Easy Maintenance.